Saver ONE D

DAE with LCD Display

The Saver One D is a portable external defibrillator equipped with a large backlit LCD display. The device was designed to meet the needs of professional resuscitators who, thanks to the display, display all the information on resuscitation and on the status of the patient, at the same time, thanks to its automation and ease of use, it can also be used by lay personnel . The Saver One D is the ideal solution for situations where the use of a device is required by both professionals and laymen 

Product Info

The Saver One D is called DAE, an external semi-automatic defibrillator equipped with an LCD display.

The device has been designed to be used by medical personnel and lay personnel who have duly completed and passed a BLSD course according to international guidelines or above. The Saver One D has been designed to carry out one or more defibrillation shocks on patients, adults or pediatric patients (children under 8 years of age and weight <25Kg), suffering from ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia by means of an electric truncated biphasic shock exponential (BTE), with self-compensating energy to be delivered based on the patient's thoracic impedance.

In the defibrillation operating mode the device works in semi-automatic mode, the device automatically carries out the continuous ECG detection and analysis, selects the energy by adjusting it based on the detected thoracic impedance, automatically loads and arms leaving the operator the choice to press or not the discharge button to perform the defibrillation.