(with miniLCD) Public Access AEDs

The new Saver ONE is a portable AED designed for use by anyone , anywhere and at any time.

The new release inherits all the features of the previous model integrating new features that make it even simpler and safer in everyday use

Product Info
The Saver One is called PAD from the English Public Access Defibrillator (public access defibrillator). The Saver One has been designed to be used by health personnel and lay personnel who have duly completed and passed a BLSD course according to international guidelines. The device is able to carry out one or more defibrillation discharges on patients, adults or pediatric patients (children under 8 years of age and weight <25Kg), suffering from ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia through an exponentially truncated biphasic electric shock ( BTE) with self-compensating energy to be delivered based on the patient's thoracic impedance.