Saver ONE T-1

AED Trainer

The Saver One T is an DAE trainer thanks to which it is possible to carry out courses for BLS-D certificate in complete safety. 
The device simulates all the functions of the Saver One defibrillator, but does not discharge.

Saver One t
Product Info

A small and easy to use device that provides realistic and versatile training for all skill
levels. Designed to meet all the needs of trainers, to carry out training or re-training of non-expert or expert operators. 
The Saver One T emulates all the functions of the PAD Saver One defibrillator , but does not deliver discharges, allowing the operator to be guided and instructed safely in the various phases of rescue. 
The Saver One Tallows the simulation of ECG analysis, discharge delivery, CPR simulation for adult or pediatric patients with voice commands and luminous icons. It also allows the operator to be instructed on technical problems related to a possible defibrillator malfunction.