Saver ONE p

Dual Mode DAE

The Saver One P is a portable external defibrillator designed to meet the needs of the most demanding professional resuscitators. The device is called DUAL MODE as it is able to work both with semi-automatic and manual (synchronous and asynchronous) defibrillation modes. Furthermore, this device is particularly flexible thanks to the monitoring mode that allows the patient’s cardiac status to be monitored in complete safety

Product Info

The Saver One P is called Dual Mode as it is able to operate both in semi-automatic defibrillation mode and in manual mode (synchronous or asynchronous). Its use is indicated for use by properly trained medical or paramedical personnel as well as by healthcare personnel who have achieved and passed a BLSD course according to international guidelines. The Saver One Phas been designed to perform one or more defibrillation shocks on patients, adults or pediatric patients (children under 8 years of age and weight <25Kg), suffering from ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia by means of an electric exponential truncated biphasic shock (BTE) with self-compensating energy to be delivered based on the patient's thoracic impedance.